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Lisa Gauthier's Supporters

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

“Lisa Gauthier is a dedicated community leader, public servant and mother with a remarkable record of overcoming adversity. She has championed affordable housing, equal representation, and safe and healthy communities for all. I'm proud to support Lisa for Supervisor.” - Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Former Congresswoman Jackie Speier

"Lisa has a decade of experience in local government and will be an outstanding member of the Board of Supervisors. I wholeheartedly support her." - Former Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Supervisor Warren Slocum

"Lisa Gauthier embodies the essence of resilience and compassion, making her the best candidate for San Mateo County Supervisor. Our community will thrive under her strong and dedicated leadership and that is why I am proud to endorse her." - San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum

Assemblymember Diane Papan

Lisa Gauthier is a seasoned and tireless leader championing equitable access to healthcare, education, and affordable housing. Her record and experience are why I proudly endorse her for San Mateo County Supervisor." - Assemblymember Diane Papan

Supervisor Ray Mueller

"Lisa Gauthier is the unparalleled choice for San Mateo County Supervisor, especially in these critical times defined by the urgency of climate change. With Lisa leading the way, San Mateo County will stand tall, fortified by her vision, determination, and passion for creating a sustainable and prosperous future for all." - San Mateo County Supervisor Ray Mueller

The Late Former Supervisor Don Horsley

"Lisa Gauthier embodies the true spirit of public service, which is why I wholeheartedly endorse her for San Mateo County Supervisor. Her unwavering commitment to our community, combined with her tireless advocacy for all residents, sets her apart and I am confident that Lisa will bring about positive change and make our County an even better place" - Former San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley

Former State Senator Jerry Hill

“Lisa’s experience as a Mayor and Councilmember from East Palo Alto and her service to the community will make her an outstanding member of the Board of Supervisors. I am very excited to support Lisa for San Mateo County Supervisor. Please join me." - Former State Senator Jerry Hill

State Senator Josh Becker

“I’m pleased to support Lisa Gauthier for San Mateo County Supervisor District 4. There is no bigger advocate for East Palo Alto and the mid-Peninsula than Mayor Gauthier. She led East Palo Alto through Covid, has been a huge advocate for our public schools, works in and amongst our business community at SVLG and lifts up everyone she meets. I’m excited to see what she’ll do at the county level.” - State Senator Josh Becker

The San Mateo County Central Labor Council

"Lisa Gauthier stands out as the far and away best choice to defend the rights of working people in our County and as the leader best prepared to tackle our issues from day one on the job. We trust her unwavering commitment to advocate for policies that prioritize and passionately safeguard workers' health, safety, wages, benefits and their right to collectively bargain — that's why the Labor Council and I proudly support her candidacy for Supervisor." - Julie Lind, Executive Officer of the San Mateo County Central Labor Council

The San Mateo Daily Journal

"Gauthier is a longtime resident of East Palo Alto, and has seen it through both good times and bad. She knows its residents, issues, strengths and promise more than anyone. She is a seasoned listener and advocate who works through collaboration, transparency and consensus building. And she isn’t afraid to cut a little red tape to get things done for the people she serves." - The San Mateo Daily Journal

Full Endorsement List

Elected Officials and Community Leaders

  • Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
  • Former Congresswoman Jackie Speier
  • State Treasurer Fiona Ma
  • State Controller Malia M. Cohen
  • Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell
  • State Senator Josh Becker
  • State Senator Aisha Wahab
  • Assemblymember Marc Berman
  • Assemblymember Evan Low
  • Assemblymember Diane Papan
  • Former State Senator Jerry Hill
  • San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum
  • San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine
  • San Mateo County Supervisor Ray Mueller
  • Former San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley
  • Former San Mateo County Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson
  • Santa Clara County Board President Susan Ellenberg
  • Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian
  • Alameda County Supervisor David Haubert
  • San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin
  • Former Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf
  • Chairman of North Fair Oaks Community Council Brooks Esser
  • East Palo Alto City Vice Mayor Martha Barragan
  • Former East Palo Alto Mayor Donna Rutherford
  • Former East Palo Alto Mayor Laura Martinez
  • Former East Palo Alto City Councilmember Omowale Satterwhite
  • Former East Palo Alto Mayor Larry Moody
  • Former East Palo Alto Councilmember Sharifa Wilson
  • Former East Palo Alto Councilmember Nevida Butler
  • Former East Palo Alto Councilmember Duane Bay
  • Redwood City Councilmember Alicia C. Aguirre
  • Redwood City Councilmember Kaia Eakin
  • Redwood City Councilmember Diane Howard
  • Former Redwood City Vice Mayor Shelly Masur
  • Former Redwood City Councilmember Michael Smith
  • Former Redwood City Councilmember Ian Bain
  • Former San Jose Vice Mayor Chappie Jones
  • South San Francisco Mayor Buenaflor Nicolas
  • South San Francisco Vice Mayor Mark Nagales
  • South San Francisco City Councilmember Eddie Flores
  • San Mateo Vice Mayor Lisa Nash
  • Palo Alto City Councilmember and former Mayor Pat Burt
  • Palo Alto City Councilmember Julie Lythcott-Haims 
  • Woodside Mayor Ned Fluet
  • Daly City Vice Mayor Juslyn C. Manalo
  • Daly City Councilmember Pam Digiovanni
  • San Bruno Mayor Rico E. Medina
  • Belmont Mayor Julia Mates
  • Belmont City Councilmember Davina Hurt
  • Belmont City Councilmember Gina Latimerlo
  • Belmont City Councilmember Robin Pang-Maganaris
  • Atherton City Councilmember Elizabeth Lewis
  • Hillsborough City Councilmember Marie Chuang
  • Burlingame Mayor Michael Brownrigg
  • Burlingame Vice Mayor Donna Colson
  • San Carlos Mayor Adam Rak
  • San Carlos Vice Mayor John Dugan
  • San Carlos City Councilmember Sara McDowell
  • San Carlos City Councilmember Ron Collins
  • San Carlos City Councilmember Pranita Venkatesh
  • Foster City City Councilmember Stacy Jimenez
  • Fremont Vice Mayor Teresa Cox
  • Los Altos City Councilmember Neysa Fligor
  • Millbrae Mayor Ann Schneider
  • Millbrae Vice Mayor Maurice Goodman
  • Millbrae City Councilmember Gina Papan
  • Mountain View City Councilmember Ellen Kamei
  • Mountain View City Councilmember Emily Ann Ramos
  • Union City Mayor Carol Dutra Vernaci
  • Brisbane City Councilmember Cliff Lentz
  • Former Portola Valley City Councilmember Maryanne Derwin
  • Berkley City Council member Sophie Hahn
  • San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools Nancy Magee
  • San Mateo County Board of Education member Hector Camacho, Jr.
  • San Mateo County Board of Education member Susan Alvaro
  • Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustee Shawneece Stevenson
  • Evergreen Community College District Trustee Tony Alexander
  • Ravenswood School District Superintendent Gina Sudaria
  • Ravenswood School District Board President Jenny Varghese Bloom
  • Ravenswood School District Board member Tamara Sobomehin
  • Menlo Park Fire District Vice President Robert Jones
  • Menlo Park Fire District Director Rob Silano
  • Menlo Park Fire District Director Chuck Bernstein
  • Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District Jeff Child
  • San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Kathryn Slater Carter
  • East Palo Alto Sanitary District Director Ofelia Bello
  • East Palo Alto Sanitary District Secretary Glenda Savage
  • Retired San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer
  • Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) Boardmember Manufou Liaiga-Anoa'i
  • Pastor Paul Bains
  • Former CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group Carl Guardino

Labor Unions and Community Organizations










*Titles listed for identification purposes only